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Nonprofit helps young people face their problems Having grown up in a dysfunctional home that lacked love and good communication, Nina Patterson of Upper Marlboro says she missed out on the positive family life many others enjoyed. Today she seeks to help people overcome similar difficulties through her nonprofit, Sources of Power. The organization, which she launched in November, provides information, resources and other services to help youth and adults build confidence and take charge of their lives. always had a desire to give back to the community based on my experiences, Patterson said. can go back and change what I went through with my family, but I can help kids today and those in the future. her organization plans to focus on numerous issues, Patterson says this is the season to address domestic violence in Prince George County, particularly teen dating abuse. Patterson, who gave birth in her teens, endured 15 years in an abusive relationship, including about five years of marriage. hearing about domestic abuse everywhere, she said. believe one of the roots of domestic violence is the lack of love expressed in families, and we must recognize the problem so it doesn affect our nation. she brings hidden suffering to light through workshops and other venues, Patterson says the community has responded with a resounding thank you. enough people are stepping forward, she said. don want to walk in shame. I want to walk in victory. We never like to face our problems, but that where healing begins. many women stay in abusive households because of financial reasons, Patterson said she feared rejection and living alone. had to come to a place where I was tired of going through that situation, said Patterson, who has used workshops to explain how she created a plan to escape her relationship. I would say to other women that you don have to live in bondage. Your reasons for staying are excuses. women take a step beyond the fear, they will experience peace and self respect, she added. Even after she broke free from the violence, Patterson had to deal with her own emotional baggage. got to get past those other demons, she said. how you end up attracting similar types of people. You got to look in yourself to see why you attracting them. county residents want to confront violence, depression or other challenges, they must identify the problem, begin to heal and forgive the past, Patterson said. Facing up to personal issues isn an overnight process, but peace and fulfillment make the effort worthwhile, she said.

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